The Flowers of Evil, Charles Baudelaire

This is the post excerpt.



Les amoureux fervents et les savants austères  

Aiment également, dans leur mûre saison,

Les chats puissants et doux, orgueil de la maison,

Qui comme eux sont frileux et comme eux sédentaires.

Amis de la science et de la volupté

Ils cherchent le silence et l’horreur des ténèbres;

L’Érèbe les eût pris pour ses coursiers funèbres,

S’ils pouvaient au servage incliner leur fierté.

Ils prennent en songeant les nobles attitudes

Des grands sphinx allongés au fond des solitudes,

Qui semblent s’endormir dans un rêve sans fin;

Leurs reins féconds sont pleins d’étincelles magiques,

Et des parcelles d’or, ainsi qu’un sable fin,

Étoilent vaguement leurs prunelles mystiques.

The worn servants and slaves stare

Enslavement and enchainment all lure us in

The chaotic present is dull, originate from the madness

Quick to come, exit some, free to commit to sadness
Among the science of vulgarity

The merchants of the silence, of the horrors that tempt us

Let us read in the prison of our courtesies fulfillment

This is our potent serving of light that lines the fire
It’s prevalent from our soul and noble attitudes

Our grand spirit longs for the solitude

Quiet resemblance of dormant ideas to evolve and transfix
Let time rain down in seconds, don’t plead for an indefinite immortality

Let the pieces arise from stability and freedom

Entoil vague longing in peaceful mystery

Creative Writing

Originally I created this blog as part of a creative writing class. I was very happy that I managed to post throughout the whole semester and keep my blog active. I enjoyed the class, but I plan to keep writing even after it ends. This is the last post that will be done for the creative writing class although I hope to update the blog at least once a week. I have a busy summer ahead of me before the start of the new school year. It has been a great experience, and I have learned a lot this semester. I plan to put all those new tricks and tips to use this year.



Death Knocks

In Tears we saw you Sinking


Death knocks a heavy knock

Knocking down your ticking clock

Among the tatters of a resistance unfought


I looked at you, and I said goodbye

Not knowing it would be the last time

I still struggle with the emptiness I saw


Your kidneys and your liver failed

Your ghosted eyes told the tale

Of years, not once being sober


I do not blame you for your mistake

I know you lived in an altered brain

But I still miss the hugs that you gave me


And in my head you walk with me

Over mountains and crossing seas

To places I will never again visit


I hope that somehow you know

The distances that we would go

To have you here again once more

For a long time I have been trying to write this poem. About my uncle, an alcoholic, who died in his 60s just a month or two ago. The poem that really inspired me, “In Tears We Saw You Sinking”, helped me bring my thoughts together. I will admit that I almost cried a few times while writing this. It is still hard for me to accept my uncle’s death and the poem reminded me of the suffering that he no longer goes through. “In Tears We Saw You Sinking” made me sad, but it also helped me to accept his death and be grateful for the time I had with him.              

A Blue Rock (Show and Tell)

I found it in a sleepy town, by a park in Wyoming. Far away from any hospitals or cities or big trucks. Just a tiny downtown with a few shops, and right outside the town was another store; filled with nothing but a wide array of rocks. It seems strange, but nobody there seemed to think twice about it. In fact, I often find that they have really cool items at shops in the middle of nowhere. I searched for a long time, rocks are my weakness when it comes to finding pretty things. Flowers are more beautiful, but they die very quickly. Rocks stay beautiful forever though.

I found it finally, a half polished, light blue rock that was prettier then I ever imagined a rock could be. I bought it right away, and I consider it to be good luck. It forever reminds me of the beauty of the wilderness of Wyoming. The insane amount of longing that I have to go back to such a place. Animals run wild and the wildflowers in Michigan are no match to the ones from Wyoming. The clearest fresh water that looks akin to a portal somewhere special. Vaulting mountains and sunsets line the horizon. A place where silence is not shattered and peace is found in every crack of this beautiful existence. I hope I never forget how good it feels to be somewhere that opens my eyes to the wonderful things I am missing.

One man Falls

One man falls through the ice just as well as ten

One noise shatters silence just as well as one million

When thrown small stones still send ripples to the shore

The greedy man wants the thing he has just as well as one more

A tiny spark can still burn a forest down

No matter the distance, you are lost until you’re found

In reality though no war is absolute, no anger or sadness, or love is undeniably the truth.


A mirror in my absent future

Sweet blue sky dreams in the deep night of stars

Excellence is kind and success is tolerant

Help lead the strong, the fearless

Experience is a contest

Art is a service

My future is free, I stand alone

A wasted day ensures that time will exit

Imagination is a gift with no reason

Pick your fire, reach for the sun



The days were getting long

Nearing the end of spring

Crickets sung a midnight song


And the children dared to dream

Our imagination brought us hours

Filled with endless fantasy


Castles grew on forgotten hills

Our smiles lasted for hours

While watching stars on window sills


Princesses called from tall towers

Nothing this great is pretend

Like pretty fields of wildflowers


Even when the summer ends

I will still remember the stories

No matter how long it has been